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My Ukulele (The Naked Sessions)

Melissa Dinwiddie, Singer/Songwriter/Ukulele DivaSinger/Songwriter/Uke Diva

Is this jazz, folk, or comedy? Performer (and “Uke-Diva”) Melissa Dinwiddie is a winning combination of all three. Interactive music and comedy… with a ukulele.

Inspired by the absurdities of modern life, Dinwiddie crafts songs evocative of the Great American Songbook but dealing with 21st Century themes. She has an ear for a witty turn of phrase, and her vocal chops and improvisational comic timing delight audiences of all ages. She’s not limited to laughs, though. With her years of training as a jazz vocalist, and a repertoire of classic tunes in addition to her originals, Dinwiddie deftly covers the emotional spectrum. (Keep your tissues handy.)

The San Jose Mercury News called Dinwiddie’s latest CD, Online Dating Blues, “a sassy session featuring sharply observed originals.” She’s best experienced in person, though, where her skill with an audience really shines.

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Check out my performance of “My Ukulele (Might Just Be the Best Love I’ve Ever Had)” at Jazz Camp West.

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