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I Gotta Go (Vocal Looping Experiment) at Playing with my new Roland Duo-Capture EX

Posted by on Dec 31, 2014


  1. Awesome!!!

    • Thanks, Angelisse!

  2. I really like what you are trying to do.Live recording of good quality is a challenge when You are just one person. Good art though ! I am doing some of the same. I just did a live recording of a trio….sent 2 guitars and a bass guitar plus 2 vocals to interface ,then to Mac. I am happy with the fidelity of it all. Check it out on my Facebook pg. Edward Dee….song is called Kiss you I am using an AER 60 amp the size of a car battery but only 14b’s. Keep me informed of progress. thanks , Ed

    • Thanks, Ed. Yes, a challenge indeed. Climbing the sound equipment learning curve! I’ll check out your song! 🙂

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